To promote and protect the service conditions and interests of the members

To improve the spirit of fraternity among the members

To guide the members in discharging their duties without fear or favour in order to enhance the prestige of the members and the department

To achieve due and rightful place for Engineers in the administration and society

To advance the Science of Highways Engineering as related to the administration, economics, planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance of Highways

The professional improvement of Tamil Nadu Highways Engineers

To establish and conduct welfare schemes such as ENWELF (Engineers Welfare Fund), ARF (Accident Relief Fund) etc, or any other schemes towards the welfare of the members

To construct and maintain Association Office, Guest House and Library at State and District Headquarters to facilitate the members to stay during camps and also to update their knowledge using the library therein

To institute and present awards as deem fit to the Engineers for the distinguished services rendered by them to the department and society

To grant affiliation to the Associations having members with similar qualifications and service conditions

To infuse a sense of self confidence in the members and encourage them to improve upon their morale

To assist the Government and Administration in favourably solving all the matters affecting the members and the department

To have constant watch over the administration in respect of adherence of Statutory Rules/Service Rules and to act in a lawful manner to set right the violations if any made from the established practices / statutory rules by any authority

To assist the members in their disciplinary cases initiated by the Government / any authority, in case the result of which may affect majority of the members